Tree surgery – now we have t shirts!

I’ll tell you I never thought I’d see the day when a Mayo tree surgeon would have his own t-shirt, but here we are. Isn’t it incredible what the internet can produce, I searched for tree surgeons on Etsy and came across none other than a fine piece of apparel, upon which were two thumbs and the slogan “This is what a tree surgeon looks like”.

Well now for you. I may very well invest in that just in case anyone might get confused and think it was a dentist wearing it or something.

Until next time, keep it country.


Tree surgery Mayo Mulching

As with people, with trees it’s best to start taking care of them and training them when they’re young. That means a good diet and mulch is where it’s at, believe you me. That way you won’t have to call for Mayo tree surgery too soon! Mulch is basically dried up wood pulp and shreddings, so you’re feeding the tree more trees, and what could be better for it than that.

What mulch will do is act like a blanket, keeping out frost and heatwaves, and it acts like hair gel, locking in water. Weeds don’t like mulch very much so it’s good there too, and you don’t want your earth to resemble gravel so it keeps the clay soft and springy.

Don’t let the mulch touch the tree, and surround it to a distance of about two meters, and about five centimeters thick. It’s the stuff boy.

Till next time.

Diseases in trees

It’s better to have a little prevention than a lot of cure, so you should know what’s wrong with your tree before you call your Mayo tree surgery expert! A diseased tree can be a serious hazard to your health and safety, as well as that of your property and friends and family.

Not every tree canc atch every single tree disease. Pine trees aren’t going to suffer the same problems as ash trees, and so on.  Fungus growing on your tree is usually pretty bad, time to call an expert. Taking a good look at the foliage on the tree is also a smart move, odd colours and lumps might mean something is having dinner on your tree.

Likewise the bark of the tree can be an indicator, with odd knots and bumps being danger signs, or just signs that your tree is hungry and thirsty.

While ana amateur might spot something, it’s usually best to call in someone who knows what they’re doing once a year to take a look. Won’t take long and the rates are very reasonable.

Until next time!

Knowing how to look after your trees in Mayo

Honestly an ounce of prevention is better than a bucket of cure, so in order to make sure your trees have the best possible lifespan, and by doing so reduce potential hazards to yourself, your family, friends, and property, you’re as well off to know how to look after your trees.

Careful pruning of trees is important and best left to a  qualified tree surgeon, but you can also keep an eye on the roots. The ones which go as far as the branches above are particularly at risk of damage, so mind them.

The bark as well is key, so check for insects, mold, or infectious fungi among other things. Even branches rubbing off one another can create weak spots and problems.

Especially over the hot summer, your trees may need watering, and use mulch and soil cover near the tree to prevent accidental damage.

Until next time, keep it country.

Tree surgery in Mayo

As an arboreal sort of place when it’s not bogs, Mayo is grand spot for tree surgery, with woodlands, copses, and every sort of forested bit here and there.  Now these trees need a little upkeep from time to time, so you’re best to do it when the tree is dormant, although it can be done at almost any time.

Don’t go mad with it, remove only waht you need and smaller is better when doing Mayo tree surgery. About three inches wide is as wide as you should take, and little more unless you want a wrecked looking tree.

Branches pointing upwards at a sharp angle are the best ones to remove since they only add height. Takign branches that have grown out or are near the botton isn’t a good idea either. Keeping it about 2:1 crown:exposed trunk is what you should be aiming for.

Good luck!

Planting trees

Of course before you need Mayo tree surgery you’re going to need some trees to have the surgery on, so here’s a few simple tips regarding the most opportune times to plant trees, so as you’ll need a tree surgeon later.

Usually when you’re planting, do it in the winter, after the leaves fall and before the leaves start to show up again. Cold winter weather will help with rooting and the rain will soak in there and bathe the seeds nicely.

Make sure you know what kind of trees you plant before planting, as the tree will need shoulder and leg room, and some need a bit more of both than others, if you see what it is that I’m saying. Some soils will do better with certain species than others too, so be sure to check it out.

Until next time

Tá sé ann!

Pollarding in county Mayo

Now whether or not you need tree surgery Mayo, anyone with a bit of agricultural or sylvan land would be as well off to know some of the lingo in case they ever need it. Pollarding is cutting off tree branches to leave a lump at the eand of each branch, which produces shoots to create a thick shady covering.

Done right, it’s great. Done wrong, it can kill your tree.

Every couple of years you should prune back the new shoots or theyc can becoem dangerous. Trimming them back right to the knob of wood which is the pollard will make sure the tree and you have a good relationship going forward.

Generally you want to start pollarding not on an older or mature tree, but on a young tree you will keep the shoots cut back as it grows. Oak trees and Sycamore trees are a good bet if you want to pick a tree that works for pollarding and tree surgey.

Slán leat.